About NPI
About NPI
About NPI

NPI LASERS is a fiber laser company focused on delivering innovative mid-IR laser modules and systems. The goal of the company is to change the paradigm of fiber laser market by providing versatile, reliable and cost-effective products to serve the emerging applications in the mid-IR wavelength range.

Our product portfolio includes mode-locked oscillator, thulium-doped fiber amplifier, narrow-linewidth fiber laser, multi-channel cw laser as well as broadband light sources. Most of our products feature compactness and highly customizable parameters such as output power level and operating wavelength. 

The NPI team consists of leading international experts in photonics research as well as executives with strong commercial track record. We share a combined industrial experiences of more than 60 years and this ensures that we understand your specific application needs no matter it is in the field of niche photonics research, industrial sensing and detection, advanced bio-medical procedures, or next-generation laser material processing.

Our Competences

Our mid-IR lasers and light sources are based on the fiber laser platform, which is efficient, compact and reliable. Compared with other laser technologies, such as DPSS, a fiber platform ensures excellent beam quality and power handling capabilities and therefore is the best choice for a range of scientific and industrial applications.

The R&D team at NPI LASERS has strong technical expertise in three key areas for mid-IR lasers. These include our capabilities in manufacturing passive and active long-wavelength fiber and fiber devices, our unique pulse generation techniques as well as our proprietary pulse amplification techniques. These make our products the most competitive on today¡¯s mid-IR laser market.

We understand that quality really matters to our customers. That¡¯s why we go great length in making sure each and every manufacturing step of our products comply with the most stringent industrial standard. We promise our customers that each laser we sell will undergo comprehensive reliability test before shipment.

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