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Urological operation

2 micron laser show a broad prospects in surgical procedures. For urological diseases such as benign prostatic hyperplasia, traditional electric resection usually takes longer time to complete than laser surgery, which means more bleeding and greater risk. 2 micron laser surgery is the most ideal treatment at present. Since the water molecule has a strong mid-IR absorption peak near 2 microns, the laser energy will produce a strong vaporization cutting effect with 2 micron laser, which can effectively remove the hyperplasia. In addition, laser in different wavelengths has different penetration depths in human tissue, with the penetration depth of 2 micron laser in human tissue being only 0.3 mm. This means the working scope in body tissue is only within 2 mm from the tip of the laser scalpel, tissues beyond this range are automatically protected by the water in our body. Moreover, the coagulation layer left is only 1 mm after the removal of the hyperplastic tissue. Laser urological operation greatly improves the surgical safety and reduces the operation time and recovery time. 

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