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Thulium-doped Amplifier/High-power Thulium-doped Amplifier

             TDFA-2000                                                                       TFDA-2000-HP

Product Introduction    

    NPI’s Thulium doped fiber amplifier TDFA-2000 and TDFA-2000-HP uses single mode all fiber amplifying technology. It features high average output power, broad gain bandwidth, low noise and insensitive to polarization. It has many advantages over traditional bulk solid state systems for its compactness, high stability, ease of use and maintenance free. By choosing different amplifier types, the amplification requirement can be met in 1880~2050 nm wavelength. And OEM option is available upon request. 

      TDFA can be widely used in scientific research, test and measurement. Also it is of great significance and value to expand the communication window of optical fiber communication system.

   TDFA consists mainly of thulium-doped fiber (TDF), pump laser source (LD), optical coupler (Combiner), optical isolator (Isolator) and pump stripper (CPS). Figure below is the schematic diagram of TDFA-2000: the particle population distribution is reversed in thulium doped fiber when pumped by the laser diode, producing stimulated radiation and thus making the optical signal amplified.   

Key Features  Applications
Wide wavelength bandwidth Mid-Infrared frequency conversion
  Low noise figure  Mid-infrared spectroscopy analysis
 Excellent Power Stability Silicon photonics
Diffration limited beam   Mid-Infrared General Laboratory Equipment
 Tune-key system Optical fiber communication system

Main Specification:



 Gain Wavelength Range  1880~2000 nm  1900~2050nm
 Recommended Input Power  >1 mW  >10 mW
 Saturated Output Power >1 W  >3 W 
 Peak Gain Wavelength   1950 nm  1950 nm 
 Optical Noise Figure <8 dB  <8 dB 
Beam QualityM2 <1.1 <1.1 
 Operating Temperature  15-35    15-35   
 Power Requirement  AC 100-240 V(50Hz/60Hz)   AC 100-240 V(50Hz/60Hz)
  Power Consumption  <30 W   <100 W 
 Dimensions  340*284*113 mm   340*284*113 mm 
Weight  4.5 kg  4.5 kg 
 Output Mode

SM2000 single mode fiber, 

1m pigtail /FC/PC or FC/APC


 SM-28e/2000 single mode fiber,

1m pigtail /FC/PC or FC/APC


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