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SuperTune MIR
MIR Widely Tunable Fiber Laser

Product Introduction

     NPI's SuperTune-MIR is a mid-IR widely tunable laser. A mode-hop-free single frequency tuning range of 2800-4200 nm with average output power of 2.2 W and 20 MHz linewidth demonstrated. Its widely tuning range is specifically designed for MIR-spectroscopy, component testing and measurement.

    SuperTune-MIRs features make it suitable for applications such as atmospheric remote sensing, gas sensing, biomedical analysis, spectroscopy and scientific research.

Key Features  Applications
Fast wavelength sweep Gas sensing
 Very high spatial resolution     Spectroscopy
 Excellent power stability   Biomedical analysis
Diffration limited beam  Test and measurement
 Tune-key system Spectroscopic analysis

Main Specification:

Parameter Performance Performance
   Picosecond output Continuous output
Tuning Range 2.8-4.2 m   2.8-4.2 m 
 Wavelength tuning accuracy  <1 nm  <1 nm
Spectral Line -  20 MHz
 Output Power@peak >1 W  >2.2 W
Pulse Duration

<100 ps

Repetition Rate  1002 MHz  -
Output power stability <3% (RMS)@25  <2% (RMS)@25
 Spot mode TEM00  TEM00
Beam diameter 51 mm   2 mm 
 Operating Temperature 15-35    15-35  
 Power Requirement AC100-240 V(50Hz/60Hz)   AC100-240 V(50Hz/60Hz) 
 Dimensions 800*730*116.5 mm  800*730*116.5 mm
 Weight 36 kg   36 kg
 Output  Type ռ׼ֱ  ռ׼ֱ

Test Data

1Output wavelength

2Output Pulse Sequence (99.5 MHz)


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