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SuperTune 2000
2μm Widely Tunable Fiber Laser

Product Introduction

        SuperTune-2000 is the first domestic CW laser with widely tuning range in mid-infrared band. The wavelength tuning range is from 1900~2050 nm, with 0.1 nm linewidth and >1mW average output power. It can be used in gas detection, optical coatings, sensing, spectral characteristics of optical elements and accurate characterization of spectral characteristics of materials.

       SuperTune-2000 can be used together with NPI Lasers thulium doped fiber amplifier (TDFA) to generate high average power (>1 W). SuperTune-2000 has excellent stability of power and wavelength under fixed mode. While the sweeping speed is >20 nm/s under sweep mode. For example, for passive optical fiber components or waveguide devices, the wide spectrum transmission characteristic peak near 2 microns can be obtained in 30 seconds by using sweep mode of SuperTune-2000.

Key Features  Applications
Fast wavelength sweep Gas sensing
 High spatial resolution     Spectroscopy
 Excellent power stability   Biomedical analysis
Diffration limited beam  Test and measurement
 Turn-key system Silicon Photonics

Main Specification:

Parameter  Performance
Tuning Range 1900~2050 nm
Spectral Bandwidth ~0.1 nm
Average Output Power >1 mW
Beam QualityM2 <1.1
 Operating Temperature  15-35  
 Power Requirement  AC 100-240 V(50Hz/60Hz)
 Dimensions  436*260*146 mm
Weight  17 kg
 Output Mode SM2000 or Nufern PM1950,FC/PC or FC/APC connector

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