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1μm Ultrafast Fiber Laser Seed

Product Introduction:

     Seed laser is the core of an ultrafast laser, which has a vital impact on the long-term stability and endurance lifetime of the whole system. The main parameters of ultrafast lasers, such as wavelength and pulse width, are determined by seed laser. It can be said that seed laser is the gene of an ultrafast laser, which directly affects the final output parameters and its running stability. 


     Blade Series-seed (also called Rainbow 1064-Seed) is the new industry standard for hands-free, integrated, flexible ultrafast oscillators. Based on all-fiber oscillator structure, its high performance and low cost can be ensured. It is an ideal seed source for high-power ultrafast laser amplifier system. Meanwhile, “Blade” series-seed with small footprint can be customized in many parameters, such as center wavelength, bandwidth, pulse width etc., which make it more convenient for OEM and R&D customers to do system integration. 

Key Features  Applications
 24/7 design of high reliable operation  Ultrafast laser seed 
10k times mode-locked test   Time-resolved fluorescence detection
HASS test  Laser ranging
 Flexible, customized desigh   Second harmonic imaging

Main Specification:


 Parameter  Performance
 Operating Wavelength  1064 nm
 Spectral Linewidth  <0.5 nm
 Pulse Duration  8-30 ps ( Optional )
Average Output Power  10-100 mW
 Repetition Rate  10-100 MHz
 Beam Quality,M2  <1.1
Average power stability  <0.5% RMS
Dimensions  200*125*53 mm

Test Data


Typical pulse duration of seed lasers (8~30ps optional)

10000 times of mode-locked test

Power stability of seed laser is <0.15% RMS (above) when environmental temperature varies within ±2℃, and <0.5% RMS (below) when environmental temperature varies more than 20℃.


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