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Rainbow OPPO
Multichannel Broadband Tunable Ultrafast Fiber Laser

Rainbow OPPO is a multi-channel, broadband tunable, mid-IR ultrafast fiber laser. It has one/two (optional) output port(s) fixed at 1560 nm/780 nm, and another output port tunable between 1500 nm and 2400 nm, covering a wavelength range of approximately 1000 nm. The average output power at any center wavelength is >100 mW, with a pulse duration <500 fs.

Rainbow OPPO further complements the broad wavelength coverage of NPI Lasers’ ultrafast fiber last products. It is an ideal option for customized applications in pump-probe, near to mid-IR ultrafast optics, silicon photonics research. Most of the tunable ultrafast lasers available on the market relies on a solid-state Ti:Sapphire laser to pump an OPO or OPA unit to achieve wide-range tunability. NPI Lasers’ proprietary broadband wavelength generation technology enables a new generation of compact and cost-effective tunable femtosecond fiber lasers, with wavelength tuning capabilities on par with the more complex OPO systems.


OPPO’s unique features:

Compared with supercontinuum sources, Rainbow OPPO generates sub-ps, near-diffraction-limit pulses, with significantly upgraded peak power (up to 100 times larger). It provides more flexibility and possibility for clients’ research applications. In contrast with a supercontinuum laser, where tuning needs to be achieved with an additional filter module, Rainbow OPPO has an integrated full fiber design, making it more compact, easier for system integration. The fiber output also provides better beam quality.


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