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Rainbow 2000
2μm Ultrafast Laser

Product Introduction:

     NPI's Rainbow 2000 is the newest member of the Rainbow Series Ultrafast Lasers. It provides unique properpties such as ultra-short pulse durations and high peak powers.  

     Rainbow 2000 incorporates ultra-stable performance in a modulised one-box design. It is suitable for scientific applications such as multi-photon spectroscopy, nonlinear optics, and industrial applications such as laser surgery, precision laser machining and medical instrument manufacturing, etc.

Key Features  Applications
Customizable wavelength Mid-IR Frequency Conversion
 Picosecond level nonlinear optics
 Linearly polarized  Mid-infrared spectroscopy analysis
Diffration limited beam  Silicon photonics 
 Turn-key system Medical operation

Main Specification:

Parameter  Performance
 Operating Wavelength 1900~2100 nm 
 Pulse Duration <500 fs(200 mW), <3 ps(1 W)
Average Output Power 200 mW,  1 W 
 Repetition Rate 20-40 MHz 
 Peak Power  >50 kW
Operating Temperature 15-35 ℃
 Power Requirement  AC 100-240 V(50Hz/60Hz)
 Dimensions  390*298*115 mm,200*125*53 mm(OEM)
Weight  17 kg , 1.2 kg(OEM)
 Output Mode  Armored cable

Test Data:


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